Shipping’s Future – Creating A Digital Vision for You, Your Company and Your Industry, on the Orange Sofa

Digital disruption and transformation is everywhere and the future of shipping is going to look nothing like its past. As digital forces reshape the global economy the old rules and the old solutions increasingly don’t apply. Today’s environment may be tough, but what lies ahead will be magnitudes more complex, volatile and ambiguous than anything shipping is used to.

Underpinning these massive changes is Moore’s Law, the power of computing growing exponentially, enabling rapid technological progress and connecting everyone and everything across the globe. Described as Industry 4.0 – automation, robotics, the internet of things, analytics, Big Data, prediction and collaboration – is all dependent upon enterprise-grade connectivity, and that’s something which is now within shipping’s reach and budget.

Technology is a crucially important factor for ship operators as they position to take advantage of the huge opportunities these unprecedented changes could offer, but it’s only an enabler. What every business, and every industry needs is a digital vision.

Building that means understanding the likely impact on shipping volumes, finance and ownership ecosystems, collaborations, customer relationships, and how we deploy technology to offer efficiency, create value and create a smart regulatory environment.



Following a sell-out event at Posidonia in 2016 Orange brings leading Futurist and future of shipping expert K D Adamson to Nor-Shipping, together with some of the people leading digital transformations inside and outside shipping to talk frankly about the realities of shipping today, where the threats and opportunities lie, and how individuals and companies are starting to build a digital vision for how the industry will look in the future.

08:30 – 09:00 Coffee
09:00- 09:10 Welcome & introduction
09:10 – 09:35 Keynote: We’re All Tuna Now – Digital Transformation for maritime
K D Adamson, Futurist & CEO Futurenautics Group
09:35 – 10:35 On The Orange Sofa…Big picture – economic realities, innovation, possibilities, collaborations – creating the industry digital vision
10:35 – 10:45 Audience Q&A
10:45 – 11:45 On The Orange Sofa…Zoom into shipping, what’s happening now, projects, transformations, collaborations – creating the digital vision at a company level.
11:45 – 11:55  Audience Q&A
11:55-12:00 Thanks and Close

Programme and timings subject to change.

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Invited to take a seat on the Orange sofa this 31st May 2017 in Oslo

K D Adamson

Futurist, Founder & CEO
Futurenautics Group

Ian Teare

Wikborg Rein

Deanna MacDonald

Founder & CEO, BLOC (Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration)

Mark O'Neil

Colombia Ship Management

Mark Rasmussen

VP & General Manager, Mobility

Hans Ottosen


Marco Ryan


Christopher Rex

Head of Research,
Danish Ship Finance

Ton Ebbenhorst

Connectivity Unit, Global Solutions